First 100 “Likes” Science Kit Giveaway

We’re super excited at the fabulous response we’ve had from “you guys” to our Science Adventure Club Kitchen Kit!  When we got over 100 “Likes” on Facebook in a matter of 2 days, we decided that we needed to thank you with a give away!

Here it is:

One lucky person will receive a Science Adventure Club Kitchen Kit in the mail!  The contest starts right…now…and goes until 10:00 AM Central time on Thursday, April 18th.  The winner will be chosen randomly, and will be notified via email, our blog, and Facebook.  The winner will have until Midnight on Sunday, April 21 to send us their address so we can mail the kit.

To enter:

Leave a comment below, and tell us about a great science experiment you’ve conducted recently.

Good luck!!

And the winner is:



Congratulations!  I’ve sent you a private email.  You can respond with your address, and I’ll put in the mail for you :)

9 Responses to First 100 “Likes” Science Kit Giveaway

  1. Theresa Trexler

    My son and I did an experiment to see how different types of plants use their leaves and the shape of the plant itself in order to funnel water to its roots. We compared a variety of different types of plants, the environment in which they would be found, and then applied water to see how each plant utilizes “self-watering” to get needed water to its roots.

  2. experiment: photosynthesis. keeping light away from some leafs, and giving sunlight to other leafs.

  3. My daughters and I experimented with pop bottles, vinegar, baking soda and balloons. kindergartner thought it was amazing and 8th grader had fun trying differing amounts of the baking soda and vinegar and different methods of combining the two to see how to get the best reaction.

  4. Test fabric content for amount of wool by placing an inch square piece of fabric in an ounce of pure bleach. 100% wool will completely dissolve in a few hours. Fabric with a synthetic will not dissolve. What happens to other non-manmade fabrics such as cotton or silk?

  5. I refused to replace the toilet paper roll in the bathroom to see how long it would take someone else in my family to do it. ;)

  6. My 5 and 3 year old boys love to go on nature walks in the woods beside our home. We take a bucket and they fill it up with rocks, leaves, tree bark…whatever they think is interesting. Then we bring our treasure home and learn more about it from the internet or books we own.

  7. We have a variety of seeds in clear pouches and are watching them sprout. Some showed signs of life within just a day!

  8. We made a hovercraft w/ a CD and the top of a water bottle.

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