How To Make A Science Journal

Why a science journal?

Keeping a science journal is a great way to reinforce concepts learned, and to complete the “Communicate your results” phase of the scientific method.  (It’ll also be really fun to look back on years from now!)

What should a science journal look like?

There’s no right or wrong way to present your work in a science journal.  Here are a few ideas I’ve seen:


  1. Take a piece of felt and decorate it with needlework or tacky glue and bits of felt, fabric, buttons, rhinestones, etc.  Then, insert a few pieces of paper, fold it over into a book, and stitch up the middle.  Pros:  They’re pretty. Proper sketching or watercolor paper can easily be used.  Cons: It’s hard to insert printables.
  2. Take a few pieces of construction paper, punch a hole in the upper left hand corner, and bind it together with yarn. Pros: It’s easy to have a new journal for each topic, and easy to glue printables in. The cover can be decorated to reflect it’s contents.  Cons: Not as durable as the other types of journal.
  3. This is the method we use.  Purchase a 3-ring binder and some tabs.  Decorate or print a cover for the journal.  Next, create tabs (the number of tabs you’ll need will depend on your needs).  Our tabs say Science, Nature, and Science Fair.  Now, we can 3-hole punch a few pieces of blank paper and insert them behind each tab.  The paper can be for sketching or taking notes.  Pros: Super easy to insert printables, and it’s to customize/change as time goes on. Colored pencils fit nicely in the front pocket. Cons:  Not necessarily as pretty as the other journals.  Can cost more to get set up.


 Regardless of what type of journal you use, the important part is that your child is recording what they’re learning and observing!  Have fun!

What type of science journal do you use?



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