Making Bubbles


My girls managed to conduct this experiment, learn, explore, and then continue to conduct their own experiments for nearly an hour!  It’s amazing how one simple experiment can capture the attention of a child!

To do this experiment, fill a cup 3/4 full with water.  Pour a few tablespoons of dish detergent in the cup (blue Dawn works best).  Gently stir.  Now, to make the loop, take a piece of thin, straight wire, and let your child form it into a circle (or square, or triangle, or…)

When your child(ren) are working on the Making Bubbles experiment, be sure to encourage them to try different things with the loop.  Do the bubbles blow differently when they change the shape of the loop?  What about the size of the loop?

What happens when they don’t blow on the thin spread of dish detergent, but make observations of it while it’s in the loop.  Can they see the different colors swirling around?  Do they notice anything particular that happens right before it pops?

Try this:  When the loop has the dishwasher liquid spread thinly within it, have them stick their finger through.  What happens?  Now, have them try dipping their finger in the bubble solution, and then stick it through the loop again.  They’ll be able to stick their finger through the loop without breaking the bubble!

 Fun fact: When the bubble film turns black right before it pops, it’s thinner then the shortest wavelength of visible light!!

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3 Responses to Making Bubbles

  1. What wire works best and where can I get some? Is it “wire” like a wire hanger? Would one of those work? Thanks!

    • ScienceAdventureClub

      We used really thin wire that was easy for the kids to twist and bend. You could use florist wire, which is available at Michaels (or any craft store)

  2. Thank you! :-)

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