Summer Slide: Don’t Let It Happen To You!


Unless your kids homeschool or attend public school year-round, there’s a pretty good chance your kids are going to forget some of what they learned the year before, and their reading and math levels will decline.  That is why kids spend the first month or so of school reviewing what they learned during the last school year.

This is called the Summer Slide.

How can this be prevented?  Provide your children with educational opportunities during the Summer, of course!  They don’t have to spend their care-free Summer doing worksheets and math drills, no sir!  Summer is a great opportunity for kids to learn all about things they’re most interested in!  Here are some ideas for encouraging learning in your home this Summer:

  • Go to the library and pick up books about topics that interest your children.
  • While at the library, find out if they have Summer programs for kids.  Many of them have really great offerings.
  • Educational video games.  Sites like,,,, and are fun and educational.
  • Pick up a unit study from about something that interests your child.  Horses anyone? How ’bout National Parks?  Seriously, there’s something for everyone here!
  • Get outside and do nature study.  Write and sketch in a journal to keep those skills sharp.  Visit this site for inspiration.
  • Purchase a science kit that kids can do on their own.

Here’s what we’re going to do:

My kids are science nuts, so I’m going to let them go nuts over science!!

We’re going to purchase The Sassafras Science Adventures Zoology unit from Elemental Science.  It’s a living book curriculum that looks like so much fun!  My girls love learning about animals, so we’ll read the book, visit the zoo weekly, and complete the logbook.

The kids are also going to spend a lot of time at our family farm, so we’ll do a LOT of nature study.

Since we’re working on unveiling a new science kit in the near future, the kids will help with testing the experiments.  So much fun!!!

And well, being that the library is pleasantly air conditioned, full of great books, and kids, I imagine we’ll spend hours there, too.

What are YOU planning on doing to prevent the “Summer Slide”?

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