What Science Curriculum Are We Using This Year?

Aaah, the science curriculum decision!  It’s a hard one, indeed.

I’m a firm believer that young students don’t need a structured curriculum.  Up until about 4th or 5th grade, I believe kids should have fun with science, soak up everything through experiments and nature study, and limit their fact memorization and answer writing.  Kids learn SO MUCH by doing simple experiments at home in biology, chemistry, physics, nature, etc.  Often times, they don’t know they’re learning.  They’re just having fun!

If you keep your eye on this blog and follow along throughout the school year, you’ll do lots of fun experiments, at various levels.  Check in often to see what we’re up to!

Now, I have a 4th grader that loves science.  She’s beyond the “simple experiment” point now, and is ravenous for more.  This year, we’ve decided to use Guest Hollow, The Human Body.  It’s a free curriculum designed by a homeschool mom.  She has designed science curricula in biology, botany, chemistry, physics, human body, and sea, sky, and animals.  They’re very complete, and look like so much fun!  This will be our first year using her science curriculum (although we’ve used her history curriculum for 2 years).

What are you using for science this year?

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